December 01, 2007

The Latest

The kids and I went for a drive this afternoon to see how things were coming along at the house. It is starting to look more and more finished. The fridge and stove are both inside now and Dwayne was finishing off the shower stall. There are piles of boxes and bins everywhere. We are hoping that we will be able to spend the night out there very soon.

Tonight Dwayne and Dad moved out some more of our furniture - couch, chair, dining chairs, dining table, bench, assorted pictures, etc.

Here is the kitchen! The odd shaped white object on the floor is the range hood waiting to be installed. The dishwasher will sit to the left of the fridge and eventually we will put up some cupboards to the right of the fridge. Pardon the array of tools spread everywhere!

Here is the shower stall. The little white bits you see are tile spacers. We'll take those out when we grout the shower tomorrow. The pipe sticking out on the right of the picture is for the sink which has been moved out of the way to make it easier to tile and grout the shower.

Dwayne, hard at work, as usual!

This is our wood stove with the back door and stairs in the background.

1 comment:

laura a said...

that shower is a beauty!!!
it reminds me of europe, my cousin's shower. very fancy... so can we hire dwayne to build us a house :)
we need to plan a visit over the holidays - it has been dog ages since i've seen you and your beautiful kids.
xo. laura.