December 28, 2007

Christmas Dinner

We had our family Christmas dinner early this year so that Dad could be with us before he flew to meet Mom, my sister Lindsey and her husband, and most of the rest of our extended family in Ontario.

These photo sessions usually dissolve into hysterics at some point as one or more camera timers go off before they are expected to and there are various shots of people's backsides as they are running to get into the back row of the picture or diving for the floor spot in front. This time didn't disappoint either. I don't have any of the "bloopers" on my camera but I'm sure I can hunt one of two down...

We had an excellent dinner and a nice, relaxing evening together. Fun, food, and fellowship!

From left to right, back to front:
My brother-in-law Andrew; Dad; David (pretty much a brother to our family); Aunty Hilary (David's mom); Grandpa Ib (our adopted Danish grandpa); Dwayne; Hendrik; Jen(me); Riley (on Jen's lap); my youngest sister Christen.

December 27, 2007

The house!!!

Here are a few pictures to get you started. The kitchen, bathroom and loft are almost indiscernible right now so you'll have to settle for the living room until we get some more organizing done. :)

But first, what's a log home without a little taxidermy?

From left to right:

Our "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree. :)

Back door, woodstove, stairs to the loft.

Taken from beside the woodstove, looking across the dining table to the kitchen and front door.

From the kitchen, looking into the living room. Our couch is backing onto the dining table.

December 19, 2007

MOVING!!! ~ No phone...

We are in the middle of moving this week. We spent the first night at our new house on Saturday night. However, we are without a phone as the phone company is trying to get service set up for us. Hopefully we will be back soon with pictures of the new place and an update!

December 12, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Watching Strawberry Shortcake with her big brother.


Caught between smiles and making funny noises. :)

A little bit of excitement.

Studying her new toys.

An audience with our little princess.

Happy 1st Birthday Riley!

Our sweet baby girl is one today! I can't believe how fast the year has gone by. Riley is the most mellow, happy baby anyone could wish for. We are so proud of Riley and of how she growing and developing. :)

Riley has quite the collection of pet names. Here are the most common ones:

"Sweet Pea"
"Leigh-leigh" (Hendrik's name for her before he could say her full name. We've spelled it like Aunty Christen's middle name.)
"Miss Riley"
"Smiley Riley"
"Riley Pie"

We will open a present or two with her today but will save having cake for the weekend when everyone is feeling 100% again.

Don't worry Grandmas, there will be pictures to follow soon!

December 09, 2007

Little People

"Many cunning tricks & a great deal of noise." You'd never guess by the way she's sleeping now. :)

Hendrik's favourite photo expression lately.

December 01, 2007


Riley, like her big brother, loves tools. She managed to find a screwdriver...

Not so happy when Mommy took the screwdriver away.

A very serious looking Hendrik after his nap.

Inspecting the socket.

The Latest

The kids and I went for a drive this afternoon to see how things were coming along at the house. It is starting to look more and more finished. The fridge and stove are both inside now and Dwayne was finishing off the shower stall. There are piles of boxes and bins everywhere. We are hoping that we will be able to spend the night out there very soon.

Tonight Dwayne and Dad moved out some more of our furniture - couch, chair, dining chairs, dining table, bench, assorted pictures, etc.

Here is the kitchen! The odd shaped white object on the floor is the range hood waiting to be installed. The dishwasher will sit to the left of the fridge and eventually we will put up some cupboards to the right of the fridge. Pardon the array of tools spread everywhere!

Here is the shower stall. The little white bits you see are tile spacers. We'll take those out when we grout the shower tomorrow. The pipe sticking out on the right of the picture is for the sink which has been moved out of the way to make it easier to tile and grout the shower.

Dwayne, hard at work, as usual!

This is our wood stove with the back door and stairs in the background.