October 30, 2007

A sneak peak!

Here is a little look at our house after Dwayne installed the flooring this past weekend.

Here are the kids trying out the new floor:

Here is the kitchen area. The door leaning against the wall is for the bathroom and the dishwasher and fridge will go on that wall instead. :)

Another view of the kitchen. The stove and range hood will go to the right between the end of the counter and the front door.

Hendrik riding his bike in the living room. To the right you can see a sliver of the backdoor. We will also be changing woodstoves for a more user friendly model.

October 27, 2007

Sick, sick, sick.

The last few nights have not been the most restful around here. Both Hendrik and Riley have come down with colds and Hendrik has developed quite the cough. He seems to cough most until 4 a.m. and then Riley takes over for the next shift. Between the coughing and having 3-4 people in our bed at once we are running a little low on sleep. Hopefully everyone is feeling much better very soon. Little kids with colds are so pitiful!

October 17, 2007

Miss Riley pulls herself to standing!

Dwayne and I happened to glance over and catch Riley standing, holding onto Hendrik's little red couch. This is a first for her. :) We managed to get a quick couple of pictures before she decided to sit back down. (She has her knees bent here a little as she's thinking about sitting back down and her p.j.'s are a little big so she looks very short in these pictures.)

October 13, 2007

Fire Hall Open House

Our local fire hall had an open house today as part of Fire Prevention Week. Hendrik was thrilled to be able to see the fire engines up close and also climb on them a bit too. He got a plastic "Junior Fire Chief" hat which he loves. It was a little bit windy this afternoon so I ended up chasing it a few times. In these pictures he is keeping one hand on his hat - just in case. :)

Riley observing from the Ellaroo.

Moose hunting

Here are a few pictures from our hunting trip last weekend.

Poor little Riley had a rough weekend. She was getting over a cough and cold and was also teething. Thankfully, the tooth finally came through (after 2 months!!!) the day before we came home!

October 10, 2007

Ultrasound pictures

Friday we had our first ultrasound done. I say first because I've had repeats with both Hendrik and Riley as neither would quite cooperate enough to see everything that the tech wanted to see. This baby was no exception. While we could tell the gender of this baby, which we did not find out, it didn't want to give us a clear view of it's face. The tech wasn't sure if we'd have to go back for another ultrasound as she said they only use that view to rule out cleft palate. We will see.

This baby is quite the little boxer. It's hands were going the whole time we were watching. It also appears that it may be a thumb sucker like it's older siblings.

Here are a few glimpses of our baby!