September 05, 2007

The painting is done!!

This morning I hurriedly picked out paint colours for our house. Dwayne had the priming done yesterday and was anxious to get the paint on the walls. I decided on a rich, creamy white for the ceilings/loft area, a soft gray-green for the kitchen wall and beside/under the stairs, and a deep, bright red for the bathroom. I placed the paint order this morning, Dwayne picked up about half an hour later, and 8 hours after that, with some help from our brother in law Andrew, the whole place was painted. We all took a drive out to our property tonight to have a look. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Painting is one of those things that is always a little risky. The colour rarely turns out to be quite what you thought it would be despite the paint chips. However, this turned out exactly as I had hoped. I am SO happy with it! I will try to take some photos tomorrow so I can post our most recent progress. Tomorrow Dwayne is going to start building the bathroom door and the shower stall. After that, it's time to frame in kitchen cabinets! :)

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