September 25, 2007

Little lady of leisure

Hendrik's Big Brown Truck

This is the gravel truck we brought back from the Edmonton area for a friend. Hendrik got to drive back with his daddy in the big brown truck.

Napping, napping, and napping some more.

We've all been pretty draggy around here today. We managed to get out of the house to get groceries just before lunch and then after lunch we went to my prenatal appointment and checked the mail. Since then, it's been all about napping. I wanted to put the little guy to bed because he was really acting up, a sure sign of him being tired. At the same time our little girl was fussing for her mommy. So, I put Hendrik into our bed for his nap and made a little bed of quilts on the living room floor for Riley and I.

After a few minutes I went and checked on Hendrik. He was still awake but sleepy and very pitiful looking all alone in the big bed. I asked if he wanted to come and nap with Riley and I. He readily agreed. It turned out that Riley fell asleep, followed by me, with Hendrik not sleeping at all but playing with a bunch of his cars and trucks and me being too tired to be upset that he wasn't napping.

Then I awoke to find Riley awake and playing and Hendrik passed out by one of his toys. I nursed Riley and she fell asleep and then so did I.

I woke up to both kids still asleep. Hendrik woke up several minutes later and walked a few feet across the living room and decided to curl up beside his sister for another nap.

At least everyone is on the same page this afternoon! :)

September 23, 2007

Home again, home again, jiggety, jig! or We brought home everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink...

Well, we are home! We had a very busy week. We left Monday morning at 2 a.m. and arrived in Edmonton later that day. Tuesday we were glad to be able to have a visit with the Hills and to meet the girls they adopted from Ethiopia. We had a wonderful time. Hendrik had his dental appointment and surgery on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Everything went off without a hitch and the dentist didn't have to do quite as much as he initially thought. Hendrik came out of the anesthetic beautifully and wasn't sick at all. We spent the rest of Wednesday at Ikea, Home Depot, and The Brick shopping for the new house. We now have everything we need except for our propane kitchen stove which we will order from Sears. Thursday we did a few more errands around the city to Fabricland, Lee Valley Tools, picked up some Argo and truck parts for friends and then headed for Athabasca in the afternoon to pick up a gravel truck for a friend. It wasn't quite ready so we stayed overnight and picked it up the next morning. (Hendrik got to ride back with Dwayne in the rig. You can imagine how exciting that was for him.) After we picked up the truck it was off to UFA to get a water tank, cinder blocks, fence posts and work gloves. We stayed overnight in High Level and then came the rest of the way home on Saturday afternoon. We are busy unpacking, assembling Ikea furniture and trying to get rid of the colds we picked up in Edmonton. The kids were amazing little travellers and shoppers. Troopers!

September 07, 2007

Hendrik's favourite spot

Hendrik loves to play in our "practice cabin". We built a small 12 X 12 building a couple of summers ago to try out some building techniques. Hendrik has adopted it as his own. Right now it is quite full of tools and building supplies but he still loves to play in and around it.

The chinking is done too!

On Labour Day Dwayne chinked the outside of the house, filling in the small cracks between the logs.

This view shows the porch, which we will expand next summer to go halfway around the house. The window you see is the kitchen window.

This view shows the living room windows.

The ceilings and loft

This is a photo of the ceiling in the kitchen/dining area. You can see Hendrik investigating Dwayne's tools and my youngest sister Christen trying to stay warm. :)

The following two pictures are looking down into the living room from the loft.

Kitchen wall and stair wall

This first picture was taken with a flash. Again, please pardon the very dirty camera lense!

This photo was taken without flash. There is still a lot of finishing work to do trim-wise around the house and my husband is working on that as I blog this! :)

This is the little wall beside the stairs that has drywall as well. Only half of the stairs are in right now as we took out the bottom portion when we were sanding the interior log walls. The current woodstove is also temporary. My husband just put in this barrel stove he made so that while they were painting it would give the paint a better chance to dry and keep the house a little warmer while they worked. It has been near freezing almost every night and not much warmer during the day. (We will have a woodstove but not this one!)


Here is a picture I took last night inside our tiny new bathroom. Because it's the only fully enclosed room in the house I thought it would be a good place to induldge my love of bold, bright colours. Unfortunately I had to use the flash on this photo because it was evening and the room is too small to take in enough natural light to get a non-grainy picture. It also made me realise how dirty my camera lense is - probably a result of my allowing our 2 year old to pack around the camera. :

September 05, 2007

The painting is done!!

This morning I hurriedly picked out paint colours for our house. Dwayne had the priming done yesterday and was anxious to get the paint on the walls. I decided on a rich, creamy white for the ceilings/loft area, a soft gray-green for the kitchen wall and beside/under the stairs, and a deep, bright red for the bathroom. I placed the paint order this morning, Dwayne picked up about half an hour later, and 8 hours after that, with some help from our brother in law Andrew, the whole place was painted. We all took a drive out to our property tonight to have a look. I am really pleased with how it turned out. Painting is one of those things that is always a little risky. The colour rarely turns out to be quite what you thought it would be despite the paint chips. However, this turned out exactly as I had hoped. I am SO happy with it! I will try to take some photos tomorrow so I can post our most recent progress. Tomorrow Dwayne is going to start building the bathroom door and the shower stall. After that, it's time to frame in kitchen cabinets! :)