July 24, 2007

Our little people

Riley has decided that she likes trucks too. She had great fun playing with Daddy's truck while Hendrik was otherwise occupied in his high chair.

Hendrik decided it would be funny to make silly faces while Mommy was trying to take his picture.

July 15, 2007

Pure Dwayne

Raspberry goodness!

Today has been a tough day for Riley. Her teeth have been bothering her a lot and nothing seemed to be helping. Enter frozen raspberries. They are a big hit with Hendrik because he is our resident berry boy but this was a first for Riley. Last week I bought this nifty little gadget at our local drug store. It allows you to feed a small baby chunks of big people food without the risk of choking. This proved to be a hit with Riley. The new taste distracted her and the frozen berries helped to relieve her sore gums.

July 10, 2007

Feelin' the love

Hendrik has recently started using the word love. Now, it would be really sweet for his momma if he would say he loved me a little here and there but, for now, that is just not in the cards. :)

Recent (& frequent) quotes from the past few days:
Love tools.
Love dewdivers. (screwdrivers)
Love bulbs.
Love lightbulbs.

I should clarify that he did say "Love Mommy," and "Love Riley," and "Love Daddy," once each but I'm afraid that we just don't begin to compare to his hardware collection.

Goodbye Old Friend

About a week and a half ago our old dog Ben passed away. He was 16 human years old, which I suppose, is about 112 dog years old. He was a fun, very quirky dog and the last of our childhood pets. It was nice that all of us kids were in town when it happened so we were all able to say goodbye and give him the usual sort of send off we used to do for all of our pets as kids. Sadly, my mom was away as her dad was quite ill at the time. Ben was really her dog most of all. Mom adopted him from the animal shelter and he, in turn, adopted her.

This funeral didn't involve a sermon or hymns this time, although it was attended by a former minister (my dad) and an almost minister (my sister Lindsey). ;) Our 2 year old helped with all of the "arrangements" and kept saying, "Funny dog. Very old. Very sick. Feel sad. One fower (flower), one fower. Nice one. One fower. Cookie for Benny. Biskeet(biscuit). Bye bye Ben. Bye bye Benny."

Here is the video my brother-in-law Micah created, complete with a Frank Sinatra soundtrack, for any of you who might be curious. Nothing gruesome, don't worry! I am in the brown tank top, my sister Lindsey is in the striped shirt, and my sister Christen is in the brown t-shirt.

P.S. When we were kids, my sister Lindsey insisted on having funerals not only for each family pet but also for each victim of our cats and each bird that crashed into the windows. Basically anything that died on our property. These were not small affairs. There were usually hymns and prayers and short sermons and flowers and grave markers. If anyone digs up yard in one hundred years they will wonder why there is a disproportionate number of critters there - mostly things the cat brought in.

July 05, 2007

Riley tries rice cereal!

Riley has been fascinated by our eating lately and if she can will try to swipe some of whatever you've got heading toward your mouth. We decided to let her try some "real" food today for the first time. Here she is having her first taste of rice cereal. She doesn't look too sure but she did eagerly eat about 5 little spooonfuls. :)

Please pardon the ugly bruise on my arm. I don't know if I bumped it working outside or during a tussle with my brother David. Either way, it's not very pretty right now!

Hula Hoop Lessons with Aunty Lindsey

My brother-in-laws

July 03, 2007

Log house update

Our front porch in progress:

The hole for the water tank (underneath the porch):

The stairway:

The bathroom:

The kitchen:

It's hard to get a picture of the whole loft at once. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what it's like.

The loft:

Lofty windows:

Assorted corners and posts:

More pictures from Canada Day

Riley & Grandma

July 01, 2007

Happy Canada Day!

We just got back from watching the parade and the flag raising ceremony at the park. We're home grabbing a bite to eat and a nap and then we'll head back down later this afternoon for the community fish fry. The fish fry is the stuff of legends and it is every bit as good as people make it out to be. There is a secret recipe of course. They serve white fish, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and coleslaw and literally the entire town shows up. There is great sadness if you can't be in town for Canada Day because it is just that good.

Here is a Canadian stereotype reinforcing picture of Dwayne and Hendrik from this morning. It is a really bright day today so everyone has funny squinted expressions but we had to take advantage of the photo op! :)

If you look carefully you can see most of the rest of the family in the background. My brother-in-law Micah is in the blue shirt holding the camera, my sister Lindsey is in the stripes, my sister Christen is in pink, you can see the top of my head, and beside me is my brother-in-law Andrew's head! My dad is taking the photo and my mom is in the air somewhere on her way home from Ontario and little Riley is in the stroller somewhere behind the guys.