June 23, 2007

Riley's Official First Day of Independent Sitting!

Riley has been sitting by herself all day today. Whenever she has been sitting on the bed or the floor or the chair she has been doing it all herself, without falling over! I sat her to lounge in the "man chair" and within seconds she had pulled herself up to sitting upright. She also did the same thing in her bouncy chair. Riley just wants to sit.

Here are a few a pictures of her, proud as punch, in Daddy's chair. Notice the drool in the second one. Blowing drooly bubbles is another favourite pastime lately.

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Mary said...

Found your profile on the Lazy Organizer. Thought I'd stop in!

Cute daughter! What great shots. My son is 5 months and on the verge of sitting - such a fun milestone!

Enjoy your precious little ones. I had fun "meeting" them.