March 15, 2007

Getting back into a routine

Well, it's been 3 months now since we had Riley and since Dwayne has been off on paternity leave. It's been GREAT! :) Now that the weather is warming up Dwayne has spent the last few afternoons out at Bell Rock working on our house. The windows are all in now and so today I think Dwayne was going to be working in on sealing up the spaces between the roof and tops of the walls - gables? Is that right? Anyway, it's really coming along. Very exciting. If you want to see a short video clip of the house from last week check out Micah's website.

Hendrik, Riley and I are getting used to doing our own thing for most of the day now too. Today Hendrik and Riley decided they would give their mommy a break and nap at the same time. I love these kids!

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