August 30, 2006

Hendrik helping his Daddy

Hendrik is a very helpful little fellow and as usual he was "helping" Daddy with the moose racks. He also likes to tell you when the microwave beeps or the dryer buzzes or when the toast has popped. He likes to collect receipts and bills and bring them to you and is only too willing to throw things in the garbage for you when asked. :)

Holiday Grand Plan

I've decided to give this a whirl this year. Holiday Grand Plan I figure with a new baby arriving in time for the holidays I might as well try to be as organized as possible as soon as possible! :)

Jen and Christen marketing moose antlers...

We've recently been selling a few moose antlers on eBay. Here are Christen and I posing with the antlers for the display pictures. Christen has been doing a lot more posing than I have lately as my belly is really starting to get in the way of holding large, heavy objects!
Please pardon my strange expression as I wasn't really prepared for the photo and besides I figured my head would be cropped off for the ads! ;)

Hendrik and one his bunnies, Henri

Hendrik loves our bunnies Digger and Henri. He loves to chase them around the house and check out their cages, especially the doors (we are on a major door kick right now...its always about doors). Henri is an especially gentle rabbit so he is quite content to let Hendrik sit beside him and pat him. Digger is a little more skittish so we aren't likely to see any photos of him sitting calmly like this anytime soon.

Sound asleep in his high chair...

August 18, 2006

A make-shift "high" chair

Our little guy's high chair broke a week or so ago and right at suppertime too. We grabbed his little plastic Adirondak chair and the tray off the high chair and ta-da! We had a new "high" chair - more like a recliner, or as we call them around here "man chairs".

Hendrik and his Daddy

A photo update - finally!!

We ordered the metal roofing for our house last week! It should be here in the next week or so, along with some insullation, drywall, chinking and stain for the logs. Exciting!