July 01, 2006

Happy Canada Day!

We had an interesting sort of Canada Day. Usually it is extremely hot and sunny but this year it was cool and cloudy and windy. The nice thing was that you didn't have to worry about sunburn and most of the bugs stayed away too!
Dwayne spent the day out at Bell Rock and Salt River working on getting tires mounted on the old Kenworth we bought a few months back.
Hendrik is teething again so we weren't sure how our day was going to go but we ended up being able to go to the fish fry in Conibear Park mid afternoon. The food was yummy and most of our friends were there along with my mom and dad and youngest sister. We had a great time. Hendrik loved running around in the grass and especially following the circular pavement paths around the cenotaph.
Hendrik and I read almost 20 books today, some of them twice, and all in one sitting. After he woke up from a not so great night all he wanted to do was read. It was fun to see him so excited about his books and him toddling off to the book shelf to get a new book almost before we'd finished the previous one. :)

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