March 06, 2006

More recent photos of Hendrik

These were taken of Hendrik in the last week or so. Hendrik's new favourite place to play is in the kitchen where he loves to empty the cupboards!

Hendrik's First Birthday!!!

One year old already...
It's hard to believe that our little baby boy is a year old. He's grown so quickly. We are so delighted to have him as our son. We had a little birthday party for him this evening. Jen's parents - Barry & Rita, Pam, Alison and Conall, Bryan & Dale, Samara, and us. Jen made him a train cake. He was getting a little tired before we had the cake but the icing seemed to revive him for quite some time! He helped to unwrap his presents and pretty much played with each one and even admired the two outfits he was given. Our friends and family were very generous and he got everything from toys to CDs (which he started bouncing to immediately) to a coin & stamp collection, clothing, books, and a movie. Wow. Big thanks to everybody near and far! :) Hope you enjoy the pictures of our birthday boy. I will get some others from my dad this week as he took more than I did and got some better shots.
Hendrik also took quite the little walk tonight. For the first time he just stood up from the floor and walked part way across the living room. He's taken steps before but always from furniture to furniture or to someone's outstretched arms. It won't be long until he's running!

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!

It has been a week now since we returned from Edmonton. We had a wonderful time visiting with Pam's family. Hendrik was quite at home there and adopted the family dog Chester. He spent a lot of time with his hands around her large muzzle and pulling at her fur. They would just sit and stare at each other quite content. It was a wonderful weekend, probably the most relaxing and fun time that we've ever had in Edmonton and we've been through there a lot over the years (me more so than Dwayne). Thanks VanDer Werffs! :)