January 21, 2006

Some of Dwayne's hunting photos

Here is a link to Dwayne's story about the bear at 24HourCampfire: click here

Family Picture

We don't seem to take too many of these...we're always on the go and usually there isn't an extra set of hands to take the picture or we've forgotten the camera - again! Here we are Christmas Day.

Hendrik's version of kisses...

Hendrik is quite the little rough and tumble boy. We are trying to teach him to be more gentle. For example: biting does not equal kissing!! Ouch.

Hendrik's First Christmas Tree

Hendrik absolutely loved the Christmas tree. It was the first thing he wanted to show us in the morning and he would get as close to it as possible many times throughout the day. He loved the lights and the ornaments. Here is a picture of him when we first put up the tree. I hate to take it down (in the second week of January no less!) as he was enjoying it so much.