October 13, 2005


Here is a photo of Hendrik and I on the Slave River about one month ago. Dwayne, Hendrik, Geoff, Dempsey and I were out hunting moose. We didn't see any but had an adventure anyway. Part way down the river when the engine was running beautifully we heard a loud ~thunk!~ and then the engine was no more. No warning, no strange sounds just the sudden ~thunk!~. The engine bolts had pulled through the transom and the engine was dangling upside down in the water by the steering cable. This is no little engine, it weighs about 400lbs. We got ourselves to shore where Dwayne proceeded to get into the water and the other two guys stayed in the boat and they manhandled the engine into the back of the boat. To make a long story short we think we hit a deadhead but are not sure. Some of the old timers were speculating that maybe we found the missing RCMP speed boat that sunk about two weeks before that... :) We all got home safe and sound and mostly dry with no damage to the boat or even the motor really. No moose, but a little excitement anyhow.

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