May 25, 2005

Sorting, organizing, and downsizing - we hope!

Today is another rainy day here. It has been raining off and on the past three days. Last night once it had stopped Hendrik and I went for a nice long walk and met up with Dwayne at the church when he was done his board meeting. Today has been grey and drizzly with a little snow thrown in this morning around 6am.

May 21, 2005


Hendrik and Jen didn't do so much today as planned. It wound up being a lazy sort of day. We napped a little and took it easy most of the day. Aunty Hilary came to visit and so that was our afternoon highlight! Dwayne spent the day out in the woodlot with Dempsey milling more lumber. He'll have to wait to do anymore as he is waiting for the proper length chain for his larger chainsaw mill to mill the bottom chunks of tree trunk. Once that is complete we should have all of the boards we need for the floor of our cabin! This evening we watched "A Series of Unfortunate Events".

Milling and Organizing

Today Dwayne went to the woodlot with Brad and milled some more boards for flooring in the eight-sided cabin. Our building permit was approved this week by town council but we are unable to proceed for 15 days from the approval date in case anyone appeals the decision. So in the meantime Dwayne is making floorboards. It is important to do this now as the sap has not fully come up the tree trunks yet which makes is much easier to peel the logs and allows them to dry faster.
Jen cleaned the house today and is trying to reorganize everything so everything has a place and hopefully a purpose. Saturday is the day to tackle the office/sewing/reloading center/library/storage room. Lots of things happen in one room and right now it is really really scary in there.

May 20, 2005


We needed a place to post our happenings for friends and family to see so here we are blogging! Currently we are busily getting ready for building season out at our 3-acre property. Dwayne has begun cutting down trees and milling boards with his chainsaw mill. These boards will be used for tongue-and-groove flooring in our eight-sided cabin. The cabin's foundation has been constructed and we are awaiting the building permit's approval from town hall before we proceed. Jen is currently trying to get back into sewing. She recently participated in a block exchange with her quilt guild and has several dress and historical patterns in the beginning stages. Hendrik is growing like a beautiful little weed! He has gained almost a full pound in the last week. He is simply delightful!!